Mulding Form announces the implementation of two new software aimed to the development and the innovation of the tooling department. These software are ZW3D and ESPRIT, supplied by Auton Sistemi, a distribution, integration and customization company for CAD / CAM software, in addition to being an official Esprit CAM retailer.

ZW3D is an accessible and reliable CAD software for 3D modeling, mold design and processing, which brings more benefits such as flexibility, precision, excellent design workflows and greater efficiency.

This software covers our needs for all the entire mold design process because it can offer high quality file import, intelligent model repair, mold division, mold holder creation and standard parts, a practical electrode design and the rapid realization of 2D constructive drawings.

On the other hand, ESPRIT is a powerful and wide CAM software, used for the CNC programming, the complete optimization and the simulation of the production process, from the CAD file to the finished part. ESPRIT is the solution for every process, thanks to factory-certified post processors for the generation of optimized routes for each machine tool and the automation solutions managed thanks to software APIs.