• Via E. Tarantelli, 10, 24021 Albino BG


Our workshop was born to offer a basic service to our customers: the steady maintenance of moulds. A perfect mould allows us to guarantee an high-quality product to customer.

With direct injection for each single cavity, with torpedo or with filling.

Both with no-thermoregulated sub gate injections and with balanced hot runner ones, also sequential.

Mechanical, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic movements.

With lateral injection of the second material.


We make planned controls on customers’ moulds and extraordinary maintenances if necessary, due the production process.

Our workshop is equipped for the execution of different manufacturing purposes: from maintenance to modification of moulds, from construction to fixing. We are able to make internal productions, thanks to various available machineries.

We also use the support of external companies for planning and for special production like photoengraving, laser engraving, lapping and surface coating. We collaborate with high experience companies, specialized in moulds construction for both of our moulding lines, to complete the offered customer service.