• Via E. Tarantelli, 10, 24021 Albino BG


The injection moulding is an industrial process, where a plastic material is melted and injected with high pressure into a mould.

We mould pieces for BMW moto, from hulls to supports, from fenders to transparent displays. We also produce ABS articles specific for chrome of auto components.

We realize different types of boxes for biopsy, containers for analyses and other components for laboratory.

We produce various dimensions of cartridges for resins and for bi-component cements with all connected components that complete the product. We also realize other consumable articles.

In addition to already described sectors, we produce technical pieces for lots other areas, like textile machinery, vent and industrial vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, ecc.


Our units, divided in two operative branches during our growth, can count on injection presses with tonnage from 35 to 1200 ton (this can mount a maximum of 1250 mm thickness). All presses have high technology handles, dedicated automations and the possibility to manage moulds with sequential injections.

We have at our disposal a great stock of knowledge that allows us to have a wide carnet of raw materials, from the most common ones to the most innovative ones. This is thanks to the multi-annual experience achieved from our technicians, but especially thanks to the wide diversification of our productions during the years.