An important goal, like the one achieved by Mulding Form Srl in 2018, could not unnoticed:

Our company is turning 40 on 25 th October 2018, a special achievement that needs the right recognition.

In these 40 years, Mulding Form is growing, developing, enlarging, diversifying and making itself: all essential and important characteristics for a company, who believes in its know-how.

Despite this goal, we want to consider this anniversary only a stage of our way, because we are sure, that there are many others to reach, with the same enthusiasm and passion that motivate us from the beginning and permit us to achieve this aim.

We have to really thank all people, who accompanied and supported us throughout the years, writing a piece of our history with perfect collaboration and a great professionality. The direction addresses its sincere gratitude to those people.

Besides the celebrations, this special anniversary helps us to analyze our way during these years, but especially to think about the future of our company, who is growing every day implementing resources and technologies, to be at the forefront in our commercial contest always more competitive.